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How to Create Perfect Customer Surveys in SaaS

B2B SaaS customer surveys are very important, but you should never overboard your customers with them. It’s important to find the right balance while also finding a way to include the B2B SaaS customer journey surveys for every stage.

However, many marketers don’t know how to collect customer feedback because they aren’t able to create feedback surveys that intrigue their customers and convince them to respond. Usually, they struggle with what kind of questions they should ask.

Post onboarding surveys

It’s incredibly important to gauge how satisfied your customers are with your onboarding process. For a short onboarding process, it’s enough to send a CES survey, while a long process would require a CSAT and an NPS survey.

Create website surveys

Pop-up website surveys allow you to gather feedback from visitors while they’re using your website and ask them a few simple questions. Usually, these surveys have between one and three questions, asking the visitor how they found the website and how user-friendly it is. You can opt for an online survey maker to build your survey within minutes.

Send post-purchase satisfaction surveys

Post-purchase feedback surveys tell you how efficient your sales process was. They are a great way to get a better understanding of how customers feel about your business. Based on the feedback you get from these surveys, you can considerably improve the buying experience for your customers.

Send NPS surveys

An NPS survey will show you how satisfied your customers are with the experience you’re providing and measure the overall health of the relationship your business has with customers. NPS surveys should be sent to the users, buyers, and product’s advocates.

Send CSAT and NPS surveys before contract renewal

Before it’s time for a customer to renew their contract, measure how satisfied they are to see if there are any aspects you need to improve before sending the renewal contract.

Send CES and CSAT surveys to understand product adoption

After your customers had enough time to test out your product’s features, you can send CES (customer effort score) and CSAT (customer satisfaction score) surveys. They will show you what you need to prioritize on your customer roadmap and how to improve product quality.

Create customer service feedback surveys

Poor customer surveys can lead to losing a lot of customers and money. So if you want to stay in business, you need to meet all expectations with your customer service. And the only way to know if you’re doing that is to send customer service feedback surveys.

Understand your market fit

Make sure there is a place for your business and service in an overly crowded marketplace by understanding your market fit. This way, you’ll see if your service is resolving your customers’ pain points and in what way. Simply ask your potential customers about their pain points and see whether your product can solve them.

Which Questions to Ask in Your Survey

Let’s go through the most important questions you need to ask in your B2B SaaS customer surveys:

  • Why did you choose us over a competitor? By finding out what features make you the more favorable choice, you can find out what’s important to customers and focus on promoting those features.

  • What features would you like us to add next? Asking this as an open-ended question allows you to pinpoint your customers’ pain points and find ideas for new features you might not have thought of.

  • How would you feel if our product was no longer available? Seeing how many customers need to use your product/service will show you how necessary it is. If less than 40% of customers respond with anything but “Very disappointed”, you need to make some changes.

  • What can we do better? You can always improve your product or service, and the best way to find out what needs to be changed is to directly ask the customers open-ended questions.

  • What are the main objectives you’re looking to achieve with our product? With this question, you can find out the pain points your customers are trying to address, not just the ones you assume they want to address.

Next Steps:

Ask for feedback before they become customers, after they have an interaction with your business, when the onboarding process ends, and before they cancel or renew your services. And, finally, don’t forget to follow up and put the feedback you receive to good use.

A marketer’s toolkit is always filled with many useful tools, but nothing can compare to the customer survey. B2B SaaS customer surveys in particular are useful – irreplaceable, even – because they allow B2B marketers to collect customer feedback, which they will later use for decision-making and strategy planning.

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