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Google Forms alternatives: Why You Should Choose FormSprout Builder

Great forms start with a great form builder, and choosing it should always be an informed decision. So if you’re on this page looking to learn more about Google Forms alternatives or why FormSprout beats Google Forms, you’re in the right place.

Online forms are great, they seem like the most basic thing, like that first email you sent back when the internet rolled in, but, in fact, they are in the top 3 most important things you need to get business done.

It’s a Google Forms Alternative with Much More Templates

While Google Forms does provide its users with some form templates, FormSprout Builder does it better. We have more a lot of form templates for pretty much everything you can imagine, from event registration form templates to t-shirt and cake ordering form templates.

And all you have to do is choose one, customize it, and use it wherever you want: your site, on social media, or even in an email.

It’s a Customizable Google Forms Alternative

Because while Google Forms does give you some level of customization, it isn’t in any way near the level of the FormSprout form Builder. With our forms, customization goes well beyond design, providing you with the option to really create an amazing experience for your form respondents.

From conditional logic (which allows you to display fields according to your rules) to 100% customizable email notification flows and Thank You pages, the FormSprout Form Builder makes it easy for you to build a custom experience. And, our CSS form editor options are here to ensure that you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT with your forms and make it really YOURS.

It’s a Google Forms Alternative with MUCH Better Design Options

Because forms deserve to feel pretty too. Even more than that, your business deserves to be well-represented in every digital piece you put out there — your forms, surveys, and polls included.

It’s a Google Forms Alternative with Much More Integrations

Because you need tools that actually make your life easier. We’re integrated with the single most popular and powerful tools on the market, including Google Drive, DropBox, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Salesforce, and every other type of tool you can think of.

Yes, Google Forms is integrated with the Google Suite, and you can link it to other tools using Zapier, but it still doesn’t provide you with direct integrations with tools outside of their suite. And that means that direct data transfer (and ultimately, data management) from one tool to another is more difficult with Google Forms.

It’s a Google Forms Alternative with Proper Email Notifications

Because forms love communication and you want to stay in touch with your form submitters.

With the FormSprout Form Builder, you can set up an entire email notification system linked to your forms and/or the payments integrated on them. Send file attachments, confirmations, further information, form submission reviews, and Thank You emails to your form submitters and create a real, human bridge of communication with them.

It’s a Google Forms Alternative Payments, Because, you can charge Money

Like it or not, money makes the world go round. And the FormSprout Form Builder helps you pay for stuff you need by helping you get paid for stuff you sell. We’re integrated with all the major payment processors out there, including PayPal, Stripe and Square. Connect your payment account with your forms in five seconds, and then cash in!

Actual Customer Support for Your Google Forms Alternatives

Contact us via email, live chat support, or on social media and we’ll be there for you right away. Unlike Google Forms, which offers only tutorials, a Help Center, and the option to report a problem, we have actual humans ready to back you up whenever you need it most.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Google Forms and Their alternatives

You have Google Forms- related questions, we have the answers.

Can I send a Google Form to someone who doesn’t have a Google account?

Yes, but this also means that you will have to turn off the private mode for your Google Forms (making it accessible to everyone). The issue is that this will open your forms to multiple submissions coming from the same person and end up in spam.

What is better than Google Forms?

Well, again, we would suggest that the FormSprout Form Builder is a sturdy, generous alternative to Google Forms, for all the reasons already mentioned in this article, and more.

How do I create a fillable form?

want to create a fillable form online (and allow anyone who has the link to fill it in without needing any kind of software), you can do it with the FormSprout Form Builder.

Sign up to our form builder, pick up a template (or create your own form from scratch), customize it, and publish it (on your site, on social media, via WhatsApp, email, Messenger, phone SMS, or whatever other means of communication you might use).

Does Google Forms track IP address?

No, which is precisely what makes Google Forms a less secure option than the FormSprout Form Builder. If you use Google forms to send internal surveys (and make them visible to the employees only), that’s fine. But if you want to share your forms with people outside of your organization, FormSprout's Form Builder is the better option because it provides you with a series of features that allow you to customize and protect your forms and your submissions (such as limiting submission country and IP addresses, for example).

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